Yoncé-a-thon 2020 | my tbr

I am so excited to be taking part in the Yoncé-a-thon!! Thank you so much to the hosts, @bookinitwithahtiya @whimsicalblessingsblog @intisarspeaks , Liv, Gabby and Nana! Here is the tbr I have planned - as I continue through the Yoncé-a-thon I will be using this post as a journal to update my progress! The Color... Continue Reading →

Book review: All My Lies Are True by Dorothy Koomson

Social media: TikTok Genre: Mystery, Crime, Contemporary fiction Page Count: Summary: Sequel to The Ice Cream Girls. Lies are uncovered and families are pulled to breaking point. What did I think? I was so lucky to be invited to participate in a read-along for All My Lies Are before the publishing day alongside a lovely... Continue Reading →

Books & Music

Hi everyone, it's been a while & I apologise but hopefully from now and on I will be posting more regularly! A lot of the time I read whilst listening to music but usually i end up listening to one or two songs on loop for a specific book. Coincidentally, those songs match the plot... Continue Reading →

Mid Year Book FREAK OUT 2020

Here it is! I cannot believe half the year has already flown by and there is around 2 months to autumn! Already?! It feels like just a couple of weeks ago it was autumn 2019. I was tagged by the lovely Nikki from Nikki Swift Reads, thank you! Go check out her blog! Best book... Continue Reading →

Diversifying your bookshelves

Happy Sunday! Not long ago I began an ongoing readalong/ readathon where people would take part, pick and read a book from the lists. I wanted it to be ongoing as we should always continue to educate ourselves, support and read books with black characters and by black authors. Even after the hashtag has stopped... Continue Reading →

How not to go broke on books

Book lovers all over the world go crazy buying tonnes of books forgetting each of them empty our bank accounts bit by bit. There are numerous ways of saving money whilst still being able to read at your leisure and some people tend to forget them. 1. Car boot sales or flee markets (for those... Continue Reading →

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